Powered by S. boulardii

Liiv Probiotics creates high-quality probiotic supplements powered by the probiotic yeast S. boulardii. Liiv is a vibrant, living source of vitality and well-being – delivered in the purest form. Guided by scientific experts and driven by innovation, Liiv Probiotics brings together science-backed, clinically documented, safe, effective, and carefully selected ingredients to help people feel their best every day. With ingredients sourced from a global leader in probiotic yeast and bacteria production, Liiv provides effective supplements formulated with only what is needed – and nothing more.

Powered by <i>S. boulardii</i>


Liiv Probiotics’ mission is to empower you to make sound health choices. Our scientific experts are inspired to help people take control of their health and experience the long-term benefits of a healthy microbiome. To deliver premium quality and scientific efficacy, the Liiv Probiotics team of research experts is continuously developing new formulations for the greatest positive impact on your health. By integrating innovation and passion, Liiv Probiotics hopes to deepen your connection with the living ecosystem inside you.


Consider Liiv Probiotics as a partner. We aim to keep you informed and knowledgeable so you can make informed decisions and find the solutions that are best suited to your needs, enhancing your overall well-being in the long run.

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